***Please Note: Sure-Fit Designs patterns, books and tools are physical products only.  They are NOT available in a PDF format.

Q1. If I purchase a Sew Along or one of the streaming video version of the Sure-Fit Designs DVD tutorials is there a time limit as to when I need to finish the course?

A1. No, Once you've purchased a Sure-Fit Designs online product through this platform, you will have lifetime access to it with no additional costs.

Q2. Are the streaming video lessons for the SFD DVD tutorials exactly the same as the physical copy of the DVD tutorial?

A2. Yes. The only exception is that the streaming video lessons are divided into smaller portions so that the video will stream more efficiently for you.

Q3. With the Sew Alongs, are any of the lessons in video format?

A3. Yes, the Sew Alongs will offer accompanying video.

Q4. When enrolling in a Sew Along or video tutorial, do I need to set up an account?

A4. Yes. Initially you will be asked to supply your email address and you'll need to create a unique password. The password makes the account uniquely yours. And your email address lets the software communicate with you.

Q5. Can I contact Glenda the Good Stitch if I have a question?

A5. Yes. There will be a contact link at the bottom of each lesson. I'll get back to you as soon as feasible. Most of you already know that my turn-around time is usually on the same day of your question, but we're going into a hectic couple of months so please be patient with me.

Q6. Do I need to participate in a Sew Along or video tutorial at a specific time of each week?

A6. No. Once you've enrolled for this Sew Along, you'll be able to access all the lessons at one time. Why is this? I don't want to dole out one lesson per week because some of you may want to get this top sewn up much faster than that. This way you can sew at your own convenient pace.

Q7. Do I need additional materials to participate in any of these courses?

A7. Yes. If it's a specific Sew Along using one of the Sure-Fit Designs kits and master patterns, you will need that along with your Designing Stylus and some tracing vellum. All of these items can be purchased at www.surefitdesigns.com.

Q8. Are there any refunds once I've purchased a course or Design & Sew Along?

A8. No.  Once you've purchased any specific course or Design & Sew Along, it will now be sitting in your dashboard, waiting for you to view the lessons and download any relevant lesson material.