Course Description

Welcome to the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Fitting Course (DVD) now available as streaming video lessons.

15 Comprehensive Lessons

Be thrilled with the fit of the new Shirt Kit pattern for women & men!

Now achieve the best Shirt fit possible with your Sure-Fit Designs™ Shirt Kit.

  • Get in-depth information on sewing the perfect fitting shirt pattern.
  • 15 individual Lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content
  • Lots of close-ups
  • How to quickly add a bust dart when needed
  • Detailed steps to add piping
  • Easy to follow - Easy to understand
  • Complete step-by-step sewing construction details demonstrated
  • 38 precise Pro-Tips on Fitting & Sewing
  • Filmed in HD for detailed clarity
  • Fit & sew successfully and love the finished results
PLUS included a downloadable 20-pg. Instruction Guide (illus below)

President Sure-Fit Designs

Glenda Sparling

Since 1982, Glenda has been President of Sure-Fit Designs™, an international company specializing in pattern fitting and designing. Canadian born, her impressive background includes 10 years as a Home Economics educator, plus 36 years in the sewing industry. Based in Eugene, OR, she has traveled extensively in the USA, Canada, Australia, N.Z., and Great Britain showing home seamstresses the ease of achieving excellent pattern fit with the Sure-Fit Designs™ system of pattern fitting and designing. She has authored numerous articles, pattern fitting, designing, fabric embellishment and machine embroidery books for the benefit of home seamstresses worldwide. She has been featured in sewing forums and shows throughout the USA and Australia and is recognized as a leading educator in the sewing industry.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter #1 - Introduction to the Shirt Fitting Course & Measuring

  • 2

    Chapter #2 - Drawing your personal Shirt Pattern Pieces

    • Video Lesson #3 - Drawing the Shirt Back

    • Video Lesson #4 - Drawing the Shirt Front

    • Video Lesson #5 - Drawing the Shirt Sleeve

    • Video Lesson #6 - Drawing the Shirt Accessory Pieces

  • 3

    Chapter #3 - Layout/Cutting/Marking & Sewing

  • 4

    Chapter #4 - Testing the Fit & Fit Issues

    • Video Lesson #9 - The First Shirt Fit Evaluation

    • Video Lesson #10 - Potential Shirt Fitting Issues

    • Video Lesson #11 - How to Add a Bust Dart (if required)

    • Video Lesson #12 - the Second Shirt Fit Evaluation

  • 5

    Chapter #5 - Shirt Designing/Adding Piping/Conclusion

    • Video Lesson #13 - Shirt Designing

    • Video Lesson #14 - How to Add Decorative Piping Detail

    • Video Lesson #15 - Conclusion


5 star rating

Virginia Houlditch

Thank you. Instructions are simple and clear. The demonstration helps to correct any alteration in my technique whether reading, listening and misunderst...

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Thank you. Instructions are simple and clear. The demonstration helps to correct any alteration in my technique whether reading, listening and misunderstanding what I've read and heard, or simply remembering construction technique a bit differently. Most of my garment construction has been limited to commercial patterns and most of that long ago.

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5 star rating

Cora Cortez

5 star rating

judy chen

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